Sunday, 18 May 2014

The reading room

Eshott Hall in the beautiful Northumberland country side has a little chapel at the end of the drive called the reading room.  Licenced for marriage ceremonies and is very simple and elegant.  Yesterday the flower ladies decorated the arch outside very simply and placed a simple but stunning vase of flowers in one corner.  There was an accent of little Sweet Avalanche and Avalanche Roses also on the chairs. flowers from
 The vase contained the beautiful double pale pink Lisianthus, Astilbe, pale pink Sweet Avalanche Rose and the gloriously scented Norma Jean Roses.
e chairs.

Brinkburn Priory part two!

The flower ladies have been down the track to the river a few times to the river and the beautiful setting that is

The flowers for this wedding were all about scent and the colour, flowers included Sweet Pea, Stephanotis, Garden Roses and Stock.  The bride carried an unstructured wired wild bouquet of ivory Roses and Stephanotis.

Little champagne glasses adorned the window ledges for the ceremony then decorated the long tables for an evening supper.

Two large vases for the columns and little jars for the chair ends were accompanied by larger tied bunches at the front of the room and on the end chairs ready for the brides entrance.

The fire place and the large ceiling ring just finish off the room, just a little accent of ivy and some trailing Amaranthus.

Brinkburn priory

Weddings at Brinkburn Priory are always spectacular you may choose from the White Room or the Priory itself and the tepees.

A simple decoration for the white room are the Gypsophelia globes very time consuming to make but quite stunning when up.  Gypsophelia is quite a simple little flower but when massed together it looks pretty stunning as a table centre in a tepee or as a posy for a bridesmaid.

One of the flower ladies own photos a little our of focus I think.

Off on tour!

The flower lady has been off touring to Scotland, although last year here are a couple of pictures to wet your appetite.  A  champagne glass filled with gorgeous lilac shades and a cake for afternoon tea.  (cake always creeps in somewhere).
What about something a bit more on the contemporary style with a little Strelitzia and Cymbidium Orchid.  Fabulous on a pedestal for a wedding or celebration lunch.

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Sweet Avalanche

The flower ladies are back and still cannot believe that it is May already.  We have had quite a busy start to the year already.  The most popular colour scheme for this year is pale to dusty pink with a little grey foliage. 

One of the most popular roses is the gorgeous Sweet Avalanche.  The roses added to a little cut glass, selected pieces of china and a little candle light make an inexpensive table centre for an afternoon of tea and cake.  A particular favourite of the flower ladies.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

First wedding of the year

The first wedding of the year for the flower ladies.  Two large vases containing contorted twigs, Pale pink Hydrangea and Antirrhinum.  Little jam jars of Gypsophelia on the ends of the chairs.                  A gorgeous ceiling ring of trailing winter foliage and pale pink Gerbera suspended from ribbon. 
The wedding venue:  The gorgeous White Room at Brinkburn Priory in Northumberland.

Rustic table centres

A little rustic arrangement useful as a table centre for a long table.  Maybe guests for dinner, or as this one was used a central arrangement for a wedding top table.
Lots of winter foliage, fruit, red lily, peach avalanche Roses, Hypericum berry and Cymbidium Orchid.